Our Experiences

Fast and Efficient

“I got access to the training material on a Wednesday and by the following Monday I had next month and the following month booked. As well as this I had 3 people who wanted me to add them to a wait list for a few months down the road. I am very excited to meet the people and get to know them.”

FH, Florida

No Expectations-New Ideas and Perspectives

“I was at a “Lunch” with 4 other interesting people as a guest. I had no idea what to expect or who would be there. I met some fascinating people. It was a lively discussion that focused around politics and climate change. We weren’t unanimous on most subjects but i heard some enlightening perspectives on subjects where I thought i knew all the answers. Looking forward to my next invite.”

MA, Chicago

The Best Ideas are the Simplest Ideas

“This is a simple idea which doesn’t mean it isn’t brilliant. This is exactly as described and has a minimum impact on my time, energy and money while having maximum impact on my business and my life.”

JD, California

Unique and New

“I thought I had heard of everything. Obviously not. Amazing experiences and results with little effort.”

AD, Texas

A Regular

“I would love to attend one of these every month. Meeting people that are new and interesting was a fascinating experience and i know it will have a positive impact on my life.”

SH, Boston

Vital Connections

“I was invited to a lunch event. The participants were from different businesses and professions. One gentlemen there was a CEO with a service which was vital to furthering my current enterprise. Not only did I have a great lunch but I made an invaluable contact.”

DR, California

Meaningful Discussion

I work with a charity so when I was invited to Lunch I was thrilled to accept. I am always looking for a way to connect with new people. The best part of this event was that I was able to really get to know these people and engage in meaningful discussions. I have done so much networking in the past that was forced and simply not enjoyable.”

SM, Colorado